9th Grade

Facial Propotion

This time we have to make a 3D face with an especial mass.  I realize im very bad at this because i had many problems during the work.  Making the ears and the eyes made me impossible my work because of my bad pulse i was shaking very bad.  I made like 3 eyes before choosing the right one and the ears simly are in bad form.  i choose to paint it with differetn colors as it is a crazy guy with a funk hair.
 But it was fun making this because it is a form of art and is a new thing for me and i like making new things like this.  Also i share with my friends and laugh of each other work.  It left my locker stinck because after class we had to wet it and left it in the locker for the next class.


this work consist on taking as a photo and cutting it in half for as to draw that half.  It was easy because it was only with pencil and no necesity of painting.  But making the hair take me long because i had to draw it line by line.  The shadows of my face made my face look like hurt because i couldnt paint them well.
 It also was fun because some persons make rare faces at the moment of the photo so in the drawing was double funny.  At finally i think i made a good job for my first time painting my own face.  I dont really consider myself a good artist i prefer sports.


this project consist on making a map with my favorite things, like soccer, food and family.  I name my land as Ligaland because i am a liga fan.  It took me many classes because i draw a litle land with many things to introduce on it.  Making this i got dirty becasue we use liquid colors and when im bored or im thinking i start to draw myself.  The ocean is some rare because each class i choosed a different blue color because i didnt find the same color i used the last class.
It was cool to make my own land because there i made my own cities with their own color and design.  It is practicaly imposible to create this land in the real world becasue it is the form of the Liga logo.  Also with this work we show that we have imagination.